Why Rent an E-Bike

A year ago I laughed at a friend who bought an e-bike, today I own 40 

Physical Advantages

In today’s world, the push towards decarbonization of our daily lives is seen everywhere. Cycling is going through a technological revolution as electrically assisted bikes give all ages and abilities more freedom.

  • You don’t have to be a sports person to ride an E-Bike – you have 250 watts of power assistance
  • You don’t exert as much effort as a classic bike
  • You can ride up and down hills and against strong winds
  • You don’t sweat (so much)
  • The wind effect (up to 25 km/h) keeps you cool on hot summer days
  • Your range is vastly increased when compared to a conventional bike (up to 72km per charge for our bikes)
  • Those that experience knee pain or exercise induced asthma can enjoy cycling as the effort and exertion by the body is much reduced

And your carbon footprint is much reduced. If you cycle 100 km compared to a car that uses 5 litres of petrol per 100km, you avoid about 11.5kg of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere

The Joy of E-Biking

We are based in the Gers; beautiful countryside,  sparse population,  many rolling steep hills and remote villages high on the hill tops. The roads are narrow, and make cycling the obvious choice for sustainable tourism. 

With reduced effort and near zero sound, an E-Bike allows the rider to go further, up steep hills, and explore those tiny rural lanes that you wouldn’t dream of driving. During the winter 2021/2022 E-Velo Gers explored 1,300 km of the Gers by E-Bike and this is what we learned;

  • Cycling effortlessly and quietly means that you become one with your surroundings
  • Wildlife is not scared away; we experienced deer and sanglier running alongside 
  • The countryside smells and sounds beautiful when you become immersed
  • There are many many  very friendly farm dogs in  the Gers
  • The locals love to stop and chat
  • There are almost no cars on the roads, just farm machinery
  • I have lived here for ten years and found beautiful unexplored spots right on my doorstep